NEVENA PRIJIC-BINNEY (b.1985 Belgrade,Serbia.) Immigrated in the United States in 2017. Received BFA and MFA from Academy of Art, University of Novi Sad, Serbia, department of Painting. Prijic currently lives and works in Los Angeles.

Humans are changing the face of Earth, stuck in an endless cycle of creating solutions and making new problems while driving many animal species to extinction, and making our future possibly unlivable. Technology is making incredible progress, the question is how are we going to navigate artificial intelligence? The new CRISPR technology, and end climate change? Are we going to Mars? Our bodies are merging with technology, blurring the difference between human and artificial intelligence. While at the same time the human body has organic and chemical content common to all life on the planet. And we still keep in ourselves, traces of our long history, all the way from the Big Bang –  We are both ancient animals, modern animals, and futuristic cyborgs(?). 

It is humbling to see our past, as it is equally exciting to be able to influence and imagine the future. 

Figures blend into the background, as they are physically present, but also just a tiny “smear” in time.  A ghostly quality, like something leftover from another age. I’m thinking of Ernesto Neto’s work “…are intimate meditations on the fine membranes which form the boundaries between an individual and his surroundings, while alluding to landscapes of an earthly, alien or even microbiological nature…Inside/outside, solid/fluid, transparency/opacity, nature/artifice. “

Looking far deep inside the microcosmos opens the door of understanding for the macrocosmos and our whole existence. 

I’m trying to understand our place within connections in this world’s ecosystem and universe. 

In a painting, a point where past and future meet, where it all comes together. My work is at the same time rooted in the past and future. Where do we come from, thinking of our ancestors’ bodies, commemorated as statues and fossils. Stardust of the past Big Bang in our body formula. And the cyborg humans of the future. 

Roberto Matta said, “ I tried to pass from intimate imagery, forms of vertebrae, and unknown animals, very little known flowers to cultural expressions, totemic things, civilizations.” 

Andre Derain –  “ One must seize nature in the economy, her course, her imaginative process. In other words, one must adapt her style, putting oneself in the interior of this style instead of trying to recopy the effects, the externals.”